My Journey as a LPN Instructor

Much like any nurse, my journey starts in nursing school; confused and overwhelmed. I never thought I would be entering a career that would define me forever. Those coveted letters after our names symbolize our triumphs, our sorrow, and joy. But mostly, they stand for a proud profession that few other occupations, by comparison, can expect so much for so little. Nurses General Nursing Article


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:yeah:May God continue to keep you and your family. The devil tried to get a foothold in on your life but it just did not stick!! Now you just sit back and recieve your blessings!!


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Thanks so much for sharing your story. Right now I am in an school and having problems; I sure could use some guidance about now. After clinicals today I just wanted to come home and cry (my instructor is also retired military nurse). I don’t seem to have the “typical” problems in school that I read about on here. I don’t have a problem with the school work; I even help out my fellow students with studies. I also do pretty well with the procedures and care plans. I seem to have the problems with what is expected from you at what level in clinicals. If anyone out there could help with this, I sure would appreciate it. I just feel like somewhere my critical thinking train of thought must be derailing quite a bit. I swear, I have never had so many problems with decision making and not on the big stuff. It is the little stuff that’s killing me. Believe me, I sure would love to have an instructor like you that would take the time to guide instead of embarrass the living **** out of me.


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Dear Patricia1101,

I understand your situation all too well. When a nursing student has to put the things they learn from books and instruction into actual hands on activities, it is only normal to feel overwhelmed. It is when you are going to have the responsibility as the nurse that you start to feel the full weight of every decision you make. Be sure to ask for help from your instructor or even other staff nurses. I know as a student you will tend to feel like you are a hinderence to staff but they would rather you ask for help than to do something wrong on your own.

Hang in there my dear! Your conscience is a good indicator that you care and you will be a good nurse and care giver. Those that do things just to get them done in the clinical setting without a care are the ones we instructors worry about. Always remember; no question is stupid, when in doubt, ask!

Let us know how things go and good luck in your future!


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Wow, what a testimony! Thank you for sharing. Being a nurse means overcoming, forgiving, and persevering. Even though I did go through the same hell that you went through, I can personally relate to how rough school can be. God bless you. Again, thank you for sharing.


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i enjoyed reading about your adventure to be a nursing instuctor.i am sure you will be great at it.i also had the army trained instructor who had little if any human side.

i remember state boards on the computer.i just missed the years they were given as written exams .i felt i barely made it through the program and the licensing .i did though,i related to so much of your story.i have always said i will never go back to school.reading your story has put a glimmer of desire in my mind.i just may one day return for a class or embark on the years long journey to become an rn.i am sure that you will be the instructor that will forever stand out in the spn's memory,of why he/she was able to attain their goal.thanks for sharing your story.

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