My First Night!!


I worked my first night as an RN tonight in a LTC facility. I really wanted to work in a hospital but there was no such luck with that right now the way the job market is. I can truely say that I enjoyed myself. The best moment of the night was when I gave on little gal her night time meds and when I went to shut off her light she told me she loved me. :redbeathe I was stunned into a moment of silence then without hesitation I told her I loved her too and she giggled a little and when right to sleep. That is when I figured out that I am in the most rewarding profession there is. Just felt like sharing that with someone. thanks for listening.:p


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What a great moment! And what a great testament to working in the LTC industry. I too just started my new life as an RN in a LTC facility. However, the LTC facility I am working in is for pediatrics. Still, it such a rewarding place to work. There is such a need for fresh, caring, enthusiastic nurses in LTC. I hope others will read your post and realize that it is not a punishment, but a blessing and a privilege to work in LTC!

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