My experience at chamberlain (in georgia) atlanta campus.

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For all of those reading this, please understand that I am not a student who failed a class, so NO I am not out to get Chamberlain. I am writing this, because there are several facets of Chamberlain that are unfavorable, and would not want another individual to experience these issues. This issue transpired last year and I transferred out somewhere else, graduated, and am currently working.

For one, I was LIED to by the Admissions office, which did not factually inform me of when I would be able to register. After taking my HESI literally, four months prior to the following time they accept students, I was ignored by the Admissions Advisor for SEVERAL months. Secondly, the professors (a term used loosely) in this institution will NOT and I repeat, will NOT take responsibility for any wrong-doing, most of the instructors that I have encountered were EXTREMELY unprofessional; in fact, some instructors made crass and inappropriate jokes in the presence of students, arrived late to class, or texted while instructing the course.

Lastly, do NOT make any attempt at bringing any troubling issues to the attention of higher beings, such as that dreadful dean. She will make poor attempts at rhetoric and the rem-mentioning of policy, to maintain the CYA(cover your ass) code of conduct that Chamberlain College of Nursing Atlanta wishes to ever so greatly uphold. This is not a student writing this, that has failed a class, or is bitter, this is a student who recognizes GREAT fault and foolery. I beg of any person reading this, that is considering this institution, PLEASE try your luck elsewhere... PLEASE.

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This is not the first time I have heard this about Chamberlain. Their primary purpose is to make a profit, so you can see that they would not necessarily have the student's best interest at heart. I have heard plenty of horror stories about the unprofessional behavior of the instructors as well. I'm so sorry you had such a negative experience.



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Unfortunately, this institution sells a dream to much of the potential nursing students, who may not have been accepted to other Georgia nursing programs. However, with patience and perseverance nursing students can find a nursing program that is all they want it to be... I hope that this kinda cautionary tale, that I explained, helps future applicants make the best decision they deem fit.



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This is not a surprise. A family member went to this school and regretted being a student. I do remember her saying she did well but aside from that, she complained to me about their lack of organization and professionalism most times I saw her lol. I guess she wasn't exaggerating after all :sarcastic:

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