My dumb freshman year and arrest record :(

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Hi, everyone!

I hope everyone is having a good night. :p

Anyways I just got a job offer at the hospital that I always wanted to work.

And I was about to apply for the temp. license and as you know those criminal history questions popped up.

I know I must report every details of the incident; however, I've been arrested for minor possession of alcohol and this case has been sealed. (Oh I was so dumb in my freshman year!!!!) I was not convicted for anything. It ended with 20 hour community service.

So my question is, how much would BON take this case seriously?

Do you think that my application will be denied?

I am just afraid I won't ever get to become a nurse. :(

Ahhh, I just want to become a nurse and help many people especially those who are alone and helpless because I've been by myself in US since 7th grade and I always wanted to help those patients! :(

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Since the case is sealed and did not involve a conviction, it raises the question of whether you are legally obligated to report it. I think that you need to talk with a lawyer. Yeah, it may cost you some bucks, but this could dog you the rest of your life, or possibly ruin a career. Get some legal advice!

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Agree with the prior poster. Keep in mind that Boards of Nursing (BON) play by a whole different set of rules, so a record that has been otherwise sealed or expunged may still have to be reported to the BON if you want to be licensed.

You should really talk to a lawyer to determine the exact status of your case, especially since you can be convicted without a trial or even having set foot in a courtroom and not realize it (that's how parking tickets work).

In addition, you can always drop your local BON an anonymous e-mail to ask what has to be reported.

Best of luck!

CountyRat & Meriwhen

Thank you for the sweet reply!

I just sent all my documentations regarding arrest record yesterday because our state BON told me that all arrests must be reported even if they were sealed so I still had to report it.

Then the person who is responsible with examinations from BON called me today telling me that I didn't really have to report it (whatttt!!! then don't tell me to report it from the beginning!!!) since it has been sealed and everything was resolved.

They said they really don't care about my case much so everything is fine now. :)

I am so relieved because now I can start working if I pass NCLEX!

Anyways thank y'all so much for the replies! :)

I am so surprised that the BON told you different things!! I learned from all my research to just tell the truth. So you did the right thing.. keep us updated on what happens!!!!

Quick question, when you were arrested..were you fingerprinted??


Yes! I was fingerprinted and the person who is responsible for examinations said even if they see me on the background check if it's youth offender (which was my case) they are not going to do anything about it. Anyways I just wanted to be honest with them so I won't get in trouble! :D

You'll be fine..just be honest!

Wow,awesome. Gives me great hope!! Sorry if Im making you repeat yourself but how old were you and where did you apply for your RN or take your Nclex?

It's fine!

I think I was about 19 years old when this happened. I'm from Alabama.

I'm from alabama too and worried about youthful offender! My lawyer said to not say anything since its sealed by law and he ran a background check on me and it didn't show up. The only difference is I wasn't ever finger printed.

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