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My cousin who is run at the direction of her mother acted as hospice

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Help me please I have never felt so separated and lost. I have lost more than most. 3 mom's 2 dad's all gone. Some how my cousin my step mom's niece was giving her the morphine when she come from the hospital knowing she had copd. Who gives rights to any famity member to give her medication like that that would kill her. To be nurse and care is one thing but to shorten a life because you do not care is another. I pray for god to have mercy on your soul. I have to know I have to know if family can kill like this?

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MunoRN has 10 years experience as a RN and specializes in Critical Care.

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Morphine is a totally appropriate medication to give a COPD patient who just wants to be comfortable or even full treatment end stage COPD patients that want some reprieve from air hunger, it reduces the agonizing effects of dyspnea on your loved one.

I understand your concerns, but causing a patient more suffering because it means they might live another day is not an appropriate reason to allow for preventable suffering to occur. This is why many states now prohibit family members such as yourself from denying these patients appropriate end of life symptom management for self-serving reasons.

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dianah has 44 years experience as a ADN and specializes in Cath Lab/Radiology.

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I am very sorry for your losses, things must seem overwhelming to you right now.

The questions you raise, however, are something you will need to address with the medical provider involved, and to discuss with your family.

No one on this board, per the Terms of Service, may offer medical or legal advice.

I hope you have strong family or friend ties, and you can all support each other through this loss. Loss is always hard.

We wish you well.

Closing this thread now.

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