My CNA clinical exam is this weekend and I'm FREAKING OUT!

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Does anyone have any advice on how to memorize the steps? My instructor, although nice, didn't teach us ANYthing! I'm a nervous wreck, and feel like crying at the thought of failing this exam. Please help!

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Did you get one of the guides that has the steps?

The BEST thing you could do is to go over everything while DOING it. When I couldn't practice with someone, I practiced with a barbie, since she goes anywhere, and a couple of wash rags for blankets.

Good luck!

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K nock on the door

I ntroduce yourself

P rovide for patient's privacy

ID entify the patient

E xplain what you are going to be doing

W ash your hands

And for some things, like if you're going to go on and give them a partial bath:

AS semble the materials

AP ply your protective equipment

KIPIDEW ASAP... hope that helps you some.

These are called "mnemonics". A mnemonic is just a tool to help you memorize something. There are tons and tons of sites with nursing mnemonics, but I've not found any with nursing assistant mnemonics.

Just remember... Breathe. Wash your hands. Wear gloves. Repeat.

Our instructor also told us: if you know you messed up, tell the tester that you know you messed up. Explain how you messed up, then politely ask if you may do the skill again, correctly.

My test is at the end of July.


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Just remember to the first main steps, washing hands, privacy, infection control, pulse etc. You will do fine. You remember more than you think you do. Just look over your book, ask a classmate to study and practice with. The test really isnt that bad, its fast too. I promise! lol and if by some small chance you dont pass...its not the end of the world!! you can take it again!!! best wishes and let us know how it goes!!

Also, that barbie idea is really cute and creative!

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