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Well, today was my first day at clinicals. I know that when I'm scrolling through the forum, I look for threads about clinicals and what they are really like so I thought I would start a thread that walks you through my 5 days of clinicals.

Day 1:

Today we took a tour of our facility, assisted with passing meal trays, and then finally fed a resident. After that we went back to our classroom to work on our state test out skills. The day seemed to go pretty well and I feel pretty confident so far! Feeding was very simple and it suprised me how confident I was when I worked hands on with a resident like that. I'm hoping that the next couple of days of clinical go just as well as today, and I will post updates after each clinical for you all! :)


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That's great.Having a good day to start with will boost your confidence.

Right on! I hope today was just as awesome as your first day:)

Day 2:

Today was AWESOME! I was assigned to a nursing assistant in one of the wings and I worked with her for the day. She was so helpful. I was able to ambulate a resident, complete a partial bed bath, do peri-care on an incontinent resident, observe a hoyer lift being used as well as an EZ Stand, help someone get dressed for bed, and also assist someone to the bathroom. The CNA I was paired with would always ask me if I was comfortable with performing the skills and she walked me through how the facility does things. My clinical instructor just had to observe my cares that I gave to make sure I performed the skills OK. I absolutely loved it. It's such a rewarding job. Listening to the residents and joking around with's so fun! :) Now I won't go back to clinicals until Monday but so far it has been an awesome experience.


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