My clinical day got away from me. Time managed me.

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We get assigned two patients for which we are now handling total care while we're on the floor. Today I had one patient who so monopolized my time, that I messed up and didn't get report on patient #2 till 9:30. It started when his nurse gave me report and pulled all his meds for me to give before I had a chance to even get report for patient number 2. His IV infiltrated and I had to attempt a restart which just added to the whole debacle. By the time I got report from patient #2's nurse, she had already had her meds and AM care and she was not a happy camper, for reasons I'm not really sure about because patient #2 was on her way out the door, just waiting for an order for discharge. Still, I performed my assessment. There was really very little else I could do at this point. The nurse spoke to my instructor who had a talk with me.

The only thing I think I could have done differently was to make my instructor aware that I had not yet taken report on my other patient when she insisted that we give the meds to patient #1 right away. I won't make that mistake again.

In third semester, I should be able to manage the care of two patients. I'm so upset with the way that this day went. It frightens me to think of how I'm going to manage five or six. I'm reminding myself that everything takes twice as long in nursing school because you need to get the instructor and she may have to confer with the nurse and just getting everyone together is a task in and of itself. Arrrgggghhhhh!

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You have probably are beating yourself up so stop that now!! You are a student and still learning the eb and flow of nursing. Next time you will know how to handle the situation differently. Did you tell the nurse of patient #1 that you hadn't gotten report for patient #2?

I totally can relate to having to have the instructor for every little thing makes things extremely difficult. We were told that if you can let the nurse know at least 20 minutes before meds are due that they can pass the meds if you are having prob getting instructor (for future reference) you could check. I know that kind of sucks but better to let the nurse know what's going on. The longer you are out there, the better it will be. It's hard to manage all that we are expected and I know you will get better.

Keep your chin up and move on!!

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Was your instructor angry at you? My guess is no. Maybe just instructed you to prioritize your time a bit better.

You could have explained to nurse #1 that before you could give any meds, you needed to get report on patient #2. Most are pretty understanding about such things...

Good Luck next time! You'll do fine! :)

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A new day, a new perspective. I'm chalking it up to a learning experience in communication. No, my instructor didn't seem angry at me. I was much harder on myself than she was.


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Hey Kittykat

I know how you feel. One thing leads to another and before you know it, things have not gone according to plan.

Hang in there, we've all been there.


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