My bosses are condescending, imcompetant overly critical

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_have you ever had bosses who only comment on the negative aspects of their staffs performance?

-Who assume and expect the worst out of you.

I work so hard to please the clients and go out of my way and do more than expected of me. I get so many compliements from the clients and family members but my bosses very rarely give me any encouragement at all.

The only time I ever heard an employee praised was when one of us went to work right before an operation. Do we hve to risk our health to get any sign of appreciation?

Ive worked for over a year and have not had a raise since the first 3 mths.

it took a month to get them to say they would renew my CNA certificate and then on the day before it was due to expire. So I contacted my other agency and it was done with in 12 hrs on line.

We had a mandatory meeting-the whole thing was about what caregivers are doing wrong, how busy the staff (so busy they dont communicate well with employee or clients), if we dont answer our phone we were accused of avoiding on call work, how we are not guarenteed a vacation even if we request it one month in advance, it is now mandatory to be on call to work weekends!! When I started this job there was no mandatory weekends. Thats why I work for this agency where I have no job security, no paid vacation, have to work holidays, no health insurance, no paid personal days, because I dont have to work evenigs and weekends so I can be there for my kids and not loose money to daycare expenses.They say we would be abandoning clients if we took a vacation or didnt do a weekend. No!!!! the onus is on them to cover a shift we did not agree to take, they can hire a temp and hire per diem staff.

I love the other agency I work for part time. That boss treats me with the respect Im used to experiencing from an employer.

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Leave. It won't get better. They can only do this if people let them get away with it. If it was one boss, I'd have some constructive advice. If it's a general company management attitude, you can't fix it.


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You're right. I've thought of leaving for a while but havent made the effort-esp with this economy. But I really do have to at least try to see what else is out there. Thank you!


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Get another employer and take a case with them that makes you have to leave your present case. Then just stay unavailable with this agency, if you don't want to resign. After a certain period of time they will forget about you, or will drop you from active status. That way, you don't have to worry about getting on anybody's bad side. I had a boss tell me about this one time. She said, that if you want to stop working for one agency, then just tell them you are "unavailable". That "abandoning" patients line is malarkey. They are responsible for providing replacements for sickness and vacations, or leaves of absence. They sure will replace you in no time flat if you end up in the hospital tomorrow, dead, or flat out quit. Don't let them guilt you into jeopardizing your own physical or mental health.

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