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My advice for those studying for NCLEX


Here is some advice for the nclex,

1. Take it as soon as possible. Don't wait. All the info is in your head. Take it now!!!!

2. Don't read the message boards on here where people talk about how they studied for the boards and then failed. Everyone learns differently. Don't ask advice on how to study.

you got through nursing school, you already know how you best study. Plus, hearing how people are failing will only discourage you if you are studying like them.

3. Go over briefly what you are strong on and study more what your weaknesses are. You already know them.

4. Don't believe everything you read on here. I was going through some discussions and they are full of misinformation.

5. You will never know everything that will be on the test. No one will. Use common sense and critical thinking to figure out the answer. What does your gut tell you?

6. Finally, and most important. Tell yourself everyday, " I am going to pass the NCLEX in 75 questions.