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MUSC ABSN Fall of 2015


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Tellytubby - A B.S. in Animal sciences and a B.A. in Philosophy; 3.67 GPR; some experience working as a tech in a hospital. Sorry for the late response. Good luck everyone!

Ps. Does anyone know the Facebook page for this Fall's class?

Here you go ilikeearthtones MUSC ABSN Fall 2016

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Randibi07 Hey I'm in a similar boat do you mind messaging me? I wanted to know that they told you and what your stats were! I'm super worried and I have to make a decision quick about an ADN program I just got accepted into.

Summer Wertz if you don't mind me asking what you got in certain aspects? I'm applying for the Spring 2015 term. Very worried about my gpa and other parts of the application. I was wondering if they told you anything helpful when you called in?


I have a 3.1 GPA and over 100 hours of volunteer and work experience. I don't have a degree of any sort. They told me I scored perfectly on every part of the application but that my GPA just wasn't high enough compared to the competition. If you don't have at least a 3.5 I recommend saving the $100 application fee and applying to other programs. I'm starting Trident in the fall and I'll try to do my RN to BSN online at MUSC, USC or Francis Marion. That's a cheaper route for me to go anyway.


I'm in the same boat. I spoke to someone today about what they look at and 75% is grades. She told me to focus on volunteer/work hours and my reference letters. But because my gpa is the same as yours I worry, that it would be a waste of time to apply :(

May I give you some advice... Military or job clinical experience is the best thing you can have!! They will tell you GPA BUT THERE ARE 5 extra points for military/job clinical exp that I didn't even know about. And this is apart from volunteering...

My cGPA was 3.57. I was accepted as an alternate. I got all of the points for my resume and volunteering. Shadowing counts as volunteering as well. I had been CPR certified which is a plus also. There were people who had a lower GPA 3.0 and 3.1 who got in to the program ahead of me because they had clinical experience And military. I got a call back 3 days after they were accepting people and told I was accepted if I wanted the spot still!

Also apply for spring semester! It has a lot less applicants! I can not wait for AUGUST í ½í¸

It is a point systems d I don't know all exactly it's like 20 points for cGPA 10 points for science GPA 3 points for volunteer I think 3 -5 for essay and the resume

i do believe that's about it but then you get a extra 5 points if u have clinical/hospital or military experience

This may not be perfect but it's close I know!!

Thank you for the input! Everything you said was super helpful! I'm not military but how do you go about getting Clinical hours?!

If youcNget a job as a patient tech or something like that... Musc hires a lot if you are in the area. I was not. I just had shadowing which is why I was only an alternate at first but then I got in however I had to defer to the fall. Also CNA if you could do that.

Did you join facebook group crystal?

I'm heading there Monday to check room rentals out.

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Did you join facebook group crystal?

I'm heading there Monday to check room rentals out.

Yes I did!

Is it possible to work part time while in MUSC ACC Nursing program? I really wanted to apply but I don't have the luxury of not working I have to pay bills and takecare of family.


Has 1 years experience.

It is hard but if you plan right, it is manageable.