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I found out I was accepted on Monday, too. It was a great day. Looking forward to meeting you both next year.

I have a 3.9146 GPA and scored a 81 on the HESI, I thought the interview went well. However, I found out that I am number 6 on the alternate list.

Congratulations to all of my now fellow MTSU Nursing students who made it in this semester. I am in the first semester and it's a wild ride, but you will have a blast and meet tons of great, new friends. :) Best of luck to all of you!!


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Hey guys! Congrats to all of you who were accepted. I apply for Spring 2015, and I was wondering about the titers. I was told about them LAST WEEK, and I wont be able to get them done in time for application by October 1st. The nurse said its 3 shots and the last one is 6 months after the first. Did titers have to be complete before you apply? Or just before you started classes/clinicals?

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