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MSN from WGU - will I get hired?


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If I get my MSN from WGU online (Western Governor's University), will their nontraditional format prevent me from getting a job as an adjunct? I am a Float Pool RN who has a Bachelor's in Education. I REALLY love nursing, and I REALLY want to get back to teaching. I know the MSN in Education is what I need, but I am somewhat worried about WGU. It is a "competency based" school, totally online, very non-traditional, but also very legitimate and accredited and not a "diploma mill". HOWEVER, it is my understanding that grades are all pass/fail. When I am applying for positions as an adjunct clinical instructor, is it enough that I have an MSN from an accredited school, or do they want to see my GPA? I would hate to devote so much time and money to something and come out of it unable to achieve my original goals. I would appreciate any feedback regarding this. Thank you!

P.S. When I posted this before this edit, guess which advertisement was on the bottom of my post? WGU! Hmmm....

CraigB-RN, MSN, RN

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It really shouldn't be an issue. The only time the pass/fail could come back to haunt you is if you apply to certain NP programs after.

The last interview I did, we didn't even get the name of the school from HR. Just that the person had the appropriate MSN.

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Lots of the cyber-friends I made during my MSN program at WGU are working as adjuncts and more. Including me!