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MSN to PNP certificate


I graduate this december with a BSN and start night shift on a neuro med surge floor in January. I know for sure that I want to become a Pediatric NP, and I want to get going on it sooner than later. But the trouble is, the local universities that offer a PNP have both switched to a DNP terminal program and I just don't want to commit myself to that right now! Plus, I need to work full time for 2 years because of a scholarship that I got, so I don't think I could handle the clinical hours at this point in time.

Sooooo, I have recently figured out that I could do a 30 hour Nurse Generalist MSN program (at my current university) that only has 180 hours of clinical time, and then later on finish up a 22-25 hour Post-Master's PNP certificate at one of many universities around the country.

This revelation almost seems too good to be true, as I could bump out my primary MSN coursework now, while I'm getting my nursing bearings and have time to study on the night shift. And then go back to school in the future when I have more knowledge, time, and money to be able to handle the clinicals.

But am I missing something??? Is this plan really too good to be true??? I don't want to get this MSN only to find out it was a wast of time and money. Anyone go this route, or has anyone NOT gone this route for a specific reason? Thanks for any input:nurse:


One thing to consider might be how you would pay for this post-masters certificate. There have been changes in federal aid policies that make it more difficult to get loans or scholarships for non-degree programs. At my University, the post-Master's NP programs are all self-pay. Those doing the NP preparation as part of a degree (MSN or DNP) can qualify for scholarships, fellowships, and loans.

UVA, thanks for the input! That's exactly the kind of info I'm asking about...what parts of the puzzle am I not seeing yet. It's crazy how a plan can look so good but once you get yourself into it, things look differently after being on the other side.

Anyone else got any thoughts on the whole MSN to PNP certificate subject?