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MSN then obtain FNP certification?

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I'm a newer nurse, received my BSN last May, have been working since June, 2014. I'm an older new nurse, 43, mom of 5 still at home (went back to school at 37, with 8 kids at home, took 5 years to reach my goal). I am a bedside RN, and know I will not be able to do this another 20 years. Not only is it physically demanding, the constant state of adrenaline while on shift is exhausting. I want to get my FNP, but have to work full time, and it's my husband's turn to get his Bachelor's degree. My question is, would it be easier to obtain my MSN (online), then obtain my FNP through a certificate program? The cert would have to be at a brick and mortar, but at that point would require fewer credits depending on education portfolio. I really want to do this, but have to be realistic in my expectations and commitments.

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Let me just make sure I'm clear. You want to go back for a MSN and FNP. You can become a FNP when you get your masters. Apply for a FNP masters program online or brick and mortar. After you finish the program you can sit for the FNP certification exam.

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Might as well just do the MSN with FNP focus from the start IMHO.


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I agree to just do the FNP from the start. If you do a post masters FNP that will still require ~30ish credit hours and 500-700 clinical hours.