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MSN Nursing Education - Graduates/ Personal Outcomes?

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sixty3dayswithSarah is a BSN, CNA, RN and specializes in M/S, Psych, ART, CM, MT.

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Ill cut straight to the point...

I am seeking a cost effective self paced program (in Nursing Education) because of my former graduate work completed (3 Courses toward MEd and 4 courses toward MSN.)

My concern....

1. The semester cost is stable, but, for the sake of this question lets say that the cost is an evel $3,400 for six months.

2. I noticed that the FGOV gives grad students up to 20500 per year.

3. My EFC is 00000000 and then minus 0000

4. I would expect I would be offered the full (half) of the $20500? Am I wrong? Per six month interval?

I need to hear from those of you who may have been in situations here you received a "refund"

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klone has 14 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Women's Health/OB Leadership.

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Is this grant or whatever it is for tuition? Tuition and expenses? What do they specify?

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