MSN/Nurse Admin or MSN/Ed? or NP? Tips pls?


Hello guys. A little background first about me. My name is Rai, BSN, RN. I've been an RN for 2 years now (November 2014 to present). But before that, I started being a Patient Care Technician in US Renal Care for 4 months. I worked my way on passing my NCLEX-RN then eventually worked as an RN for a year (same company). After a year, I became a Charge Nurse and I just hit my first anniversary this last January. My manager talked to me the other day about training me soon for Clinical Coordinator and/or Facility Administrator duties. She said the words "I think you are ready".

I take her word for it. And then I started thinking about getting my MSN. But I'm weighing my choices. MSN Nurse Admin might be good for me since I'm going through that path. Meanwhile, MSN/Ed seems to be good for teaching. I don't in particular "love" to teach. But it might be something that I want to pursue if I get older. On the other hand, people say being an NP is awesome. Plus you can be an NP of the same company, but I'm unsure if I'll stick around here for like 5 or 10 years. What if I want to pursue something else?

I want to do research in particular and I need your help guys. What could be the best MSN program for pursuing research? I really feel like it's what I want, but my career path is going to administration.

Any thoughts? It will help a lot. Thank you!

And by the way, I'm looking at -Arlington for the program.

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Nursing schools are so teacher strapped around here. They won't take anything less than an MSN to teach, so I had a couple of instructors who were NPs, and a CNM. Maybe that helps you narrow down your choices. If you want research, a PhD in Nursing is supposed to be the research oriented path. You don't necessarily need an MSN to get a PhD.

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Helped me a lot! Thanks!