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MSN in Education


Specializes in Psychiatry. Has 18 years experience.

I am wondering if there are others out there who obtained their MSN in Education but never planned on teaching a nursing program?

How did the degree help your career? Did it open up new job opportunities?

llg, PhD, RN

Specializes in Nursing Professional Development. Has 44 years experience.

I know lots of people who have MSN's in education who have never taught in nursing schools. They do Nursing Professional Development (NPD) -- working for hospitals or other health care facilities, coordinating educational programs there. Some work for companies that do Continuing Education, plan conferences, etc. The NPD field shares some common foundational content with academic education -- and you can pick up the knowledge of the NPD specialty through Continuing Education activities, such as workshops, etc. ANCC even often a certification in NPD.

My MSN is not in Nursing Education (though I took some electives in that as part of my MSN). But I also have a PhD -- usually a degree associated with being a professor. But I work in a hospital as an NPD specialist instead. It's just a better fit for my interests.

The national organization is called ANPD. You can learn more about the specialty there. There are also relevant books and journals.

Unless you are a full professor with a PhD, the pay for NPD specialists is usually higher. Most MSN-level faculty don't make very much (unless you become an administrator in a beginner-level program).

MiaLyse, APRN

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Thank you so much. I am trying to learn what options will open up to me if I continue on with this program.

Unlike generalist nursing degrees, graduate degrees in nursing pretty much lock you into a specific professional role and career path. To me, it makes a lot more sense to figure out what you want to do in your career and then figure out what degree or certification you need to get you there than to start a graduate program without a clear idea of what you intend to do with the degree.

Sounds like you are saying you are already in an education MSN program -- how did you decide that's what you want if you're unsure of what you might be able to do with the degree?

MiaLyse, APRN

Specializes in Psychiatry. Has 18 years experience.

Yes, I have already started an MSN program. No, I don't have a clear vision of what I want to do. I initially thought NP but get worried about starting a NP program with all the trouble finding preceptors. I do want to continue learning and I feel stagnant if not. I know, I have read here from some to not begin an MSN program unless you are positive what you want to do. I am 50 and fear that if I don't further my education now it may not be worth it the older I get. With the MSN I could go into a NP program and do a post MSN NP program so it wouldn't be a total waste. Again, that is if I go on.

I was given credit for some other graduate classes I had done. I will only have 12 months left to this program after the I finish this semester (Nov). It's the additional $18,000 that I was becoming concerned with if it turns out to be a waste.