MSN-E/ EL MSN/ ELM Program - Making a Significant Career Change

by sydsmith3000 sydsmith3000 (New) New Pre-Student

Hi all, I'm stacking up for the MSN-E/ EL MSN/ ELM Program for a couple different schools. This is a significant career change for me as I've been in commercial real estate the majority of my career. I'm curious if this is the case for anyone else who has been accepted or applying to the program?

I have a BS in Business Finance (3.7 GPA) and an MBA (4.0). I've been volunteering for a couple hospice groups, an on-demand emotional support service, and part-time work as a CNA. By the time I apply, I'll have about 12 months of volunteering and CNA experience.

I know the program details that it's designed for those with different degrees, but it seems the majority of threads I've read from those who have been accepted have a lot of healthcare industry experience or other science degrees.

Any insight or advice would be greatly appreciated!