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MSN Degree Without A BSN


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This might seem like a silly question, but I wanted to ask about those RN-MSN bridge programs where you don't earn a BSN. I was looking into a MSN/MBA program that accepts RN's without a BSN. Instead of earning a BSN, you go straight into the masters program. My question is will the fact that you never really earned a BSN affect future employment? How you will future employers perceive your credentials. I mean a MSN degree is after all higher than a BSN. Does it even matter? Also what about the nurses who earned a bachelors degree in another field and skipped the BSN component and went straight for their masters? Is it better to get your BSN and then go for your masters?

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I graduated from a direct entry program that gave an RN-MSN. I had no trouble finding a job as an NP. I did try looking for a part time RN job after I finished the RN portion of the program, but had no luck. I don't know if that was because I didn't have a BSN or there were just no new grad RN jobs to be had.

Many RN-MSN programs include the coursework for the BSN, and you get that along with the MSN at graduation. Yes, you technically earn two degrees at the same time. There may be some RN-MSN programs that don't do that, but I am not aware of them. Check the requirements and degrees earned carefully at whatever school(s) youa re interested in before applying to see what the future holds.

Most Rn to MSN programs will accept you (a two year RN) into the program if you already hold a BS or BA in another discipline. Some RN to MSN programs have a BSN attainment feature. I already hold a BS in Hlthcare Mgt but I am going to get my BSN anyway as part of a RN to MSN program but the program is different from their RN-BSN program.

Really good question, I would love to see more input.

I hold a previous BS, and am currently halfway through my ADN pursueing a CNM in the next 3-5 years I have all my pre req's complete for the local RN-BSN program, however several schools I am interested in for Midwifery do NOT require a BSN for a student who holds a previous Bachelors and an ADN. I can apply through a portfolio process, as an ADN and graduate with a MSN but not a BSN. Do I need it? I heard somewhere that you would need it for Fed jobs. Even if you hold an MSN?

Why should I spend 1-2 years and $6,000. to complete the RN-BSN, IF it isn't going to be helpful? (I'm not being uppity, I really would like to know if there is a good reason to do so.) I personally feel like I would be better served served pursueing some advanced certification/skills, than another BS degree. However, I know each field is different and I would really appreciate insight from folks within the Advanced Nursing field.