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What are some best online universities to get my MSN in clinical research? I have BSN and 20 years of clinical nursing experience in most fields. I want to get into research now. Any input will be helpful. Thank you!


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Have you tried finding employment first in research?



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Not sure but I know some MSN clinical research programs are small and individualized so you might be able to work out a remote/hybrid arrangement with a traditional school's program if it's a really good fit

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I have been in research for almost 5 years and most research nurses that I know do not have a MSN (only a BSN and decent clinical experience that you already have).

I do know that the Ohio State Univ (main campus) has a Master of Clinical Research (not a MSN but a general Master program that is completely online).



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When I graduated from nursing school, I went straight into research as a Clinical Research Nurse. I had a previous background in clinical research at an Academic Medical Center and transferred those skills once I obtained my BSN-RN. For me, it was more of a promotion than anything because my pay went significantly up after becoming an RN. I chose to work in various specialties such as Neurology, Cardiology, Infectious Disease, Emergency/Trauma, and Critical Care. I left after a year to go obtain some bedside clinical skills as an ED/Trauma nurse. Then went back to research as a Senior Research Nurse (Team Leader) and split time between research and ER nursing. I just want to say that it can be done without an MSN or Doctorate (DNP/PhD) and I only had my BSN when I was a research nurse. I will confess that I was in an MSN program during that time and did pass the SoCRA CCRP exam. I have since left research for now.