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Hello Everyone,

Thanks in advance for any help given.

I'm a burned-out dissatisfied lawyer considering going back to school for nursing and eventually Nurse anesthetist school. Political Science major in undergrad with one or two sciences (AP I). Graduated in 1991. Law school graduation in 1995.

Question: First Option:I have the opportunity to obtain my B.S. in Nursing either at night in a Part-time Accelerated (year round) or traditional day-time program both 2 years in duration.

Second Option:In addition, a different university near home has a 15 month Second degree accelerated program which allows me to graduate with a Generic Master of Science degree with a Major in Nursing.

Which avenue should I take looking at potentially CRNA schools in the future?

Most CRNA school websites indicate that a B.S. in Nursing is a prerequesite for admission. Is a MSN in Nursing acceptable?

Are these Accelerated programs frowned on by CRNA schools?

Should I retake my sciences as they are over 10 years old?



I may be able to answer a few questions. I graduated from an accelerated BSN program,and am starting CRNA program this spring. I dont think it made less vable a candidate due to the nature of my undergraduate program.

As far as your sciences, it may be mandated by any accelerated pgm to have taken your sciences courses within a certain time frame(mine was 5 years). hope this helps

good luck

The accelerated program should not make a difference, but you will need to retake every one of the science courses because of their age.

But before you throw all of your eggs into one basket, have you actually ever shadowed a CRNA to see what their work day is like? If not, I definitely suggest that you do this a few different days and see if this is something that you really like. It is one thing to read about it or have friends that do it, and another thing to actually be doing it.

From a time frame, you are looking at redoing your science courses that are required for admission to CRNA school, as well as getting the RN. Then the minimuim of one year of work experience that you will need.

Hope that this helps you. And Welcome to Allnurses.com.:)

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