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Any Nurse Managers out there in an outpatient clinic setting??

Can anyone advise me on what is considered a "hazardous Chemical needing an MSDS sheet?? I have tried many sites and all state the need for MSDS sheets for all hazardous chemicals, but no where can I get a defination of what this is. We are updating our book and I am perplexed on what needs to be in there. We have all our obvious chemicals and cleaners, but what about the meds we give out, or the creams, lotions, etc.. Are they considered hazardous?? Any advise will be greatly appreciated.


actually everthing is a "hazardous chemical." Even alcohol prep pads and other seemingly odd items. All cleaners, soaps, disinfectants, pretty much everthing.

usually there is a number or address on bottles which will get you there MSDS sheets.

OSHA has a good example list at this site, Hazard Communication Standard

At our facility, safety and security keep the MSDS information sheets. They get copies from purchasing on all supplies. Basicly, any thing on the unit that is not edible is listed. This includes O2, mercury (in thermometers for example), alcohol pads, hemocult developer, soap, ultra sound gel,etc. It does not include meds, lotions, etc. We list on our MSDS sheet if it is hazardous because of flamability, toxic to ingest, fumes etc.

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Include white- out and toner cartidges too.

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