Wondering how you all have dealt with cases of MRSA at your schools. I currently have a high schooler with a history of MRSA and a current tooth abscess. The abscess was not actually cultured but dx of MRSA was "assumed" d/t his history. He is a special needs student and unintentional drooling/ spitting can sometimes be an issue. He is on antibiotics and doctor was fine with him coming back to school. Encouraging good hand hygiene and limited sharing of items between him and other students. Teachers are panicking :S. Pointers?

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Not sure what state you are in, but the CDC has some good info here: School and Daycare Officials | MRSA | CDC

I'm in MA and use these guidelines: Information about MRSA for School Health Professionals

Does drool get on items he uses at school? If so, I'd make sure he has items that are only his and if drool does get onto his desk/etc, a clean-up protocol. Does this student have an extra teacher in the classroom? I might sit down with that person to talk about cleaning protocols for any drool if it occurs. For MRSA, usually covering the wound combined with hand washing would prevent a lot of spread. Wound in the mouth in typical circumstances I'd consider "covered" and make sure student is aware that no sharing of cups, utensils, etc should occur.

I'd also remind teachers that transmission is direct skin-to-skin, meaning even in this cause, there is a low chance of any direct contact with the infected area. And as you have been saying, hand washing is always good in life.

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There have been many studies which are leaning towards universal precautions for MRSA, even in a hospital environment. Could gloves be provided for use when dealing with this student? As Jen-Elizabeth added, teaching is paramount to dispel fear and encourage best practice.