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MRSA colonized?


I work in LTC, a resident has a lesion on her leg that was positive for MRSA. she has sinced been tested twice and now considered "colonized" Is she still considered contagous? I am confused about this. I know it means if you are colonized you are showing now symptoms. But I would think you are still contagous. why is she taken off contact precautions?


Double-Helix, BSN, RN

Specializes in PICU, Sedation/Radiology, PACU. Has 9 years experience.

Inpatient, we use contact precautions for all patients that are colonized with MRSA.

LTC policies are usually less stringent but I'd suggest reading the policy and procedure regarding precautions and researching the transmission of MRSA to protect yourself and your patients.

CoffeeRTC, BSN, RN

Has 25 years experience.

So would you do anything different if it was contagious? Is the would being dressed and covered? If it is dressed and covered and not draining all over the place or the resident isn't picking at the would they shoudl be treated no differently than anyone else with a wound.


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I remember a nursing instructor telling me that by the time I'd been working ten years, I'd probably be colonized as would most of my coworkers!

Lately, we've had more people coming in with MRSA caught in the community than have caught it in the hospital.