Moving to Waynesville, MO near Fort Leonard Wood...


i will be moving to waynesville, mo in march....what kind of pay scale am i looking at??? does anyone have any recomendations on schools, hospitals to work at etc.? i'm looking to attend lincoln university to finish my schooling...i know it's going to be a culture shock seeing that i'm moving from fl where i've been my whole life!!! burrr! time to buy some closed toe shoes...and a coat!


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I was stationed at Ft Leonard Wood for 5 1/2 yrs. Are you a LPN or RN? What do you plan to get your degree in? :yeah:


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Pay scale is not very high. You can work in Rolla, Lebanon or here on base. I got here in July with my husband. Can't wait to leave. The hospital on post is always looking for nurses. I start Lincolns program in August. Just finished my last pre-reqs. I can't tell you anything about the program but what I have heard and that is "it is hard and you teach yourself".


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I am also moving to FLW in June of 2009. can anyone help me with Lincoln University??? i have applied, called, emailed - EVERYTHING!! and i am not getting any help. im trying to do the LVN to RN program and i can't get an application. i applied to the college, but i can't get a hold of anyone in nursing admissions to apply to the nursing program. i want to start in august. any suggestions?? this is so fustrating.

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