Moving to Vancouver..Info on wages and hospitals please??? :)



i am going to be moving to vancouver in a few months and i wondered if anyone could tell me the usual starting wage for an rn? i would like to work in a hopsital preferrably a neuro floor. i live in ohio right now and i make $25.00/hour. i wasn't sure if the cost of living was really high in vancouver or not. i still need to do some more research before i actually move.

any input would be great!! thanks!:heartbeat

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This has all the nursing jobs available for Vancouver Coastal Health, the authority that runs most of the health care in Vancouver (except for Peds and womans health I believe) and other parts of BC. There are currently two RN jobs in neuro is an educator with a wage of $33-$40/hr and the other is ward nursing without a starting wage given. Most of the floor nurses start around $27-30/hr.

As for the cost of living...its pretty expensive in Vancouver. You can expect to pay about $1000/month for a one bedroom apartment unless you want to live in a basement. If you want to buy in Vancouver proper you are looking at $500,000 plus for a decent house. The further away from the city you go the lower the prices get. Check Craigslist Vancouver for rental listings.

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Check out the Cross Country Comparison of Wages and Benefits sticky to see what starting wages are.

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