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I am a MSN Family Nurse Practitioner currently working in Internal Medicine (office and hospital) and also urgent care. I have 10 years RN experience, 6 years NP.

I am moving (just waiting for details) at the beginning of 2011 to the Macclesfield area when my husband is transfered for his job. I assume i would be under a family visa at that point.

My work...or not to work. I will have a 4.5 year old son and 2.5 yo son at that point. I only work 2.5 days/week now. we'll be there for at least 2 years.

We JUST found out that this move is happening. I started reading through posts here and looking at the NMC website. I am amazed with the hoops! I joked that I needed to "learn English" (still wondering what a "gas hob" is? stove?). But then I saw that I DO have to take an English language competancy! =0

Then apply (once I have a company to sponsor a work visa for me) for a license- do I understand correctly that these are limited?

What are the chances of getting a license? job?

I work as a nurse practitioner. I examine, diagnose, and treat/prescribe meds and therapies. Do "Nurse Practitoners" function in the same manner there? Hoping someone will be able to help with information!

Thanks everyone!!


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Jobs in the UK aren't good at the moment but it depends on where you'll bevlookibg for work. Not sure what Visa you'll be elidgable for but if your permitted to work you'll find advanced practice very different. It's more developed in primary care where it's been around longer and NPs do examine and diagnose patients.

Personally as a NP manager i'd jump at the chance to employ you if I were allowed, unfortunately all our posts are going to internal candidates.

XB9S -

Thank you for your response. Wouldn't that be great to find a position through a listserve! =)

I do enjoy my Part-time work in internal medicine. I understand GPs are the gate keepers there in the UK. I would be comfortable in continuing this role.

I will continue to keep my mind open as we make this huge transition. I think my first responsibility is getting my 2 boys settled in and making new friends!

Thank you!


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GPS may be the gatekeeper but I know of NP's that are totally independent and refer to the hospital in the same way a GP does. A lot will depend on how things are accepted locally but the people I know live in Yorkshire and London.

thanks Silverdragon- we are due to get the contract for the new job by the end of the week....making it easier to ask questions and discuss with our contacts over there.

We are looking at a Jan 2011 move as long as visa taken care of in a timely fashion.

thanks for the help!

XB9S -Hoping you might come across this post since you posted in it in the past.

or others...please if you have any thoughts!

I am a US registered nurse/advanced practice nurse with 11 years exprience. We have moved to the Cheshire area. I have a spousal visa and permission to work with that visa. I sat for my IETLS today! 13 days I am hoping to send of the first part of my registration to the NMC. I was thinking about this, I realized...I still don't know what I NEED to do to be an APN here (which would be the ultimate I have to be licensed and working in order to keep my registration in the states current).

I can not find "registration for an APN"....thoughts?!!?!


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Kelley there isn't specific registration for APN it's a matter of waiting for a vacancy to be advertised and applying for it providing you meet minimum criteria for that post (each employer will want different things)

Have a look at the NHS jobs site

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