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Hello all! I am just curious about travel nursing in Tennessee, specifically within an hour of the Knoxville/Pigeon Forge area.

i currently live in Florida will maintain my residence here. The husband and I are thinking of spending half the year in Tennessee.

im curious about the job market there, both traveling and permanent. I'm also curious about what to expect as a travel nurse. Can I use the housing fund to pay towards a new mortgage? And what do some companies offer (i.e. pay rates, housing stipidend, hours, benefits).

I am married with a small child but we do want to expand our family. My husband is unemployed and stays with the baby.

any information would be helpful!

Call some agencies to learn what you are worth and what the opportunities are in Tennessee. If you are going to be maintaining two residences, you may actually be "traveling" from the one where you make most of your money. Unlikely you will be able to legally work as a traveler in just two places in regards to tax free benefits that are part of travel pay. You can always spend compensation on anything you want, it is really just a question of whether you are really working away from home on business temporarily to determine if that compensation (including housing stipends) is taxed as ordinary income or not.

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I started my nursing career in FL and then moved to TN, I have been traveling for 2.5 years so my info is dated. TN does vary by region I lived in Nashville and I will tell you the job market is flooded there. I had experience and worked ICU, my rate when I started at Vanderbilt in 2012 was 22/hr and when I left in 2016 it had just bumped in a single move (my one in only raise ) to $24/hr and that was only because I was threatening to leave. I had asked for other raises and was told the hospital couldn't afford to give anyone raises. However the CEO of the hospital took a 14 mil bonus that same year. No union there so make of that what you will. Nashville has one of the higher cost of living for the state but in the area you are looking even if the pay is lower the cost of living should be better.

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