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Did most of you move far away from your family to go to school? I know this is trivial, but the closest school to me is 300 miles away and the very thought of moving away from my family for 2+ years is scary. Am I being ridiculous?

Doug Cameron

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Moving is a funny thing. It depends on so much. A move for one person can be a wonderful experience, while a move for someone else can be more challenging. My oldest son decided to move to Atlanta (we're in Boston) for his first semester of college a few years ago. Turned out to be a terrible experience for him - I ended up going to pick him up and bring him home 5 weeks later. However, we have several friends whose kids who made a similar move, and it went just fine.

I think much depends on your current relationships, and the relationships you anticipate having where you are moving to. (I'm assuming you may be single). Self assessment is pretty key in this area. How do you handle change in relationships? Do you build new ones quickly? Look at any cultural differences in the geographic areas you may move to. Remember too, an academic environment provides forced socialization! (that's a GOOD thing). All in all, I would guess that if you have lived enough and are mature enough to get into CRNA school, then you will probably handle a move just fine. Just don't be afraid to ask for help - any kind - when you need it.



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Well put Doug

I had to move 1800 plus miles to attend the program I wanted. In my case, there was no program closer than 600 miles, so I figured why not move to a good school, and a very different culture.



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Yes, I am single, so its just me I have to worry about. However, to be honest, my mom is elderly and is VERY dependent on me. Its like her whole life's happiness revolves around me. She'd be devastated if I moved. I guess I could take her with me.


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it is our GOAL that my wife and I make the move together with our son. However, if necessity dictates I'll make the move by myself and live in a road side ditch under an overpass (that WOULD be a worst case scenario!) Hyperbole non with standing you have to take a "what ever it takes" attitude to optimize your chances for success.

AL bug

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My husband and I moved about 600 miles for me to go to school. I socialize very easily so that made it easier for me. We miss our family very much but it's only for 2 years and we will have a much better lifestyle that affords us to spend even more time with them after I finish school.


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I also am also trying to decide how far to move. Initially I had my heart set on the university of new england in maine due to its proximity, but in listening to the opinion of the board it may be smart to move to the better school.

Those that did move with their families could you please share your experience. difficulties, triumphs etc. It sure would help. Thanx

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