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Moving to Pittsburgh

cindz007 cindz007 (New) New

Im a new grad, licensed RN moving to Pittsburgh from out of state.

1. Does anyone know how long it will take to get my PA license once I send all the required forms? Do you suggest that I get a temporary practice permit even if I don't plan to be ready to begin working there for 2 months... or will RN license come within that time...?

2. How is the job market for new grads?

3. Can anyone give me recommendations for nursing agencies located in the Pittsburgh area?

I appreciate any advice. Thank you!

CoffeeRTC, BSN, RN

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I have no clue about the time it will take for the license.

As far as agencies...there are quite a few. If you are an new grad it might be best to start off somewhere where you will get experience first and then go the agency route.

What type of nursing are you looking at?

Michelle126.....Thanks for the info. I will do any type of nursing. As a new grad my experience is with med/surg. Agencies where I live now hire new grads to give flu shots or for ongoing projects that dont require much experience. Was hoping to get a heads up on some of them to start applying. Are hospitals in Pittsburgh hiring? I have been hearing the job market is competitive there now due to another hospital (West Penn?) closure.....


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Thinking of relocating to Pittsburgh. I'm board certified with a BSN and many years of mental health experience. Question: what's WPIC like? Does UPMC offer relocation?

My thoughts on Pittsburgh are that its closer to Toronto, and it's a great place to live.



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cindz007... You are always able to look on the UPMC and West Penn health systems website for job openings, I suppose google those to see the direct HR websites? There should be openings... it is always a revolving door anymore! I am unsure what agency is best. I heard Maxim is good though. home health is always readily available.

@oneLoneNurse... WPIC is not bad, Did about 12 weeks there during school on three different units: dual diagnosis, geriatric/adult, and pediatric. They have multiple units to choose from. The nurse seems to be very involved in the patients care. As far as relocation, check out the UPMC website to see what is there, or call! Pittsburgh isn't bad... born and raised... just be prepared for it to be 70* in January and 30* in April! haha!

Hope this is helpful!