Moving to NOLA to work at Ochsner main campus. Advice need

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Hi everyone,

I am from out to state and moving to NOLA soon to start my new career in the ICU of Ochsner. Woohoo, I am so excited! However, finding places to start a new life has been challenging.

Just want to ask if anyone has any experience to find any good nice apartment or places to live closed to Ochsner main campus on Jefferson. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone can drop a tip in term of finding apartment or roommate. Hopefully to get to be at a safe quite area, so that I can maintain a good sleeping schedule as I will be working nights most likely..... ^^

Any other tips about how to adjust to the new lifestyle of NOLA as a nurse are also welcome too!



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Try the Cotton Mill or Woodward Wight downtown. Any place around the hospital would have to be a house rental. Also try some areas off of causeway. Don't go to the gas station across from Ochsner when it gets dark, and stay far, far away from Hollygrove. There's a delicious latin american restaurant on little "claiborne" a few streets before you get to the hospital from causeway. There are also apartments on severn (west napoleon, to the right coming from the northshore). Your best bet would be downtown, woodward wight & such, 'cause that's where all the culture is.

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Check out some apartments in old Metairie. Message me if you want more specifics.

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