Moving to a new state, new hospital, and (hopefully) new floor. Need resume advice.


Hey, guys. So I've been searching the forums for some resume advice and the majority of it is geared toward new grads. I think that's great; I was in the same boat once and I think new grads need the most guidance. However, now that I've worked for two years my resume has changed dramatically. Seeing as how the only resume I've ever written was from a new grad perspective, I could use some updated advice. I have a few questions and some might seem a little trivial so forgive me:

1.) Do I really need an objective?

2.) Should education come before or after employment experience?

3.) Do I need to detail my specific duties on the floor that I've been working (cardiac step-down) or can I be general and brief?

4.) How far back should I go with awards and the like? Would awards that I received in nursing school still be applicable?

5.) Where should I list my overseas medical work? I've gone on two medical mission trips - one as a nursing student and one as an RN. Should I create a section entitled "Volunteer Experience?"

6.) Should it be kept at one page in length?

Thanks in advance, everyone!


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Hey vlmusicalsound -

Here are the following answers to your questions from my perspective.

1. Yes, I would leave the objective on your resume. It is pretty standard across all industries to have an objective regardless of the number of years you have worked.

2. After

3. I would highlight some of the things that not all RNs have such as EKG interpretation, some of the drips and anything that makes you shine, like awards, if any, that you've earned on the job.

4. If earned on the job, see #3. If earned in nursing school, I would list it with the nursing school.

5. Yes!

6. This is up in the air and it depends on the HR person looking at it. The old school way is one page. Because the job market is so tight, I've noticed that a lot of people are moving on to one and a half to two pages. I would say that if you need two pages to fit it all in, do it. I've never known someone not to get a job because they submitted a two page resume.

Good luck in your search. And, even though I am a new grad RN, I've interviewed and hired more than 100 people in my past career and I've looked at thousands of resumes!