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Moving to New Orleans Questions

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Hey everyone -

So I am up in the air on moving to New Orleans to work for Ochsner from North Carolina.

I have several options/departments, both permanent and travel nursing. But, I want to know from people who live there and work there, what are some pros and cons to living in New Orleans and working for Ochsner?

Also - what is the pay like there and what is their shift differential?

Right now it looks like I'm leaning towards to Main Jefferson Highway campus in the ER. I'd just love to get advice.

Thanks so much!

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I'm familar with NOLA from past 5 years spending 3 weeks/yr there at Mardi Gras time.

Cons to living in New Orleans: late spring/summer humidity!

Pro's: Haydel's Bakery on jefferson Highway best eclairs and King cakes. New Orleans area has so many neat interesting places to visit, still have places i want to explore.

Oschner respected institution, Jefferson Highway location is on outskirt of city.

Hope others who work in system can respond to working environment.

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If you have the opportunity to do a travel contract at the location first I recommend doing that first. If you like the location some places will sign you on for permanent work or offer to extend your contract. If it's not for you, it was only 13wks and chalk it up to a life experience.

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