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Hello everyone...

I am currently a nursing student in Los Angeles, CA and will be taking my NCLEX next February. So, I have one semester left and then I'm finally done! THANK GOODNESS!

But, I have been talking to my family and I plan on moving back to Fayetteville, NC. That means, I'll be graduating with a license from CA. So I probably would have to do the endorsement paperwork right?

My question is... how is the job fields right now for new grads? especially ones from CA? With the recession, I believe that jobs are not as open as it used to be?

I still have a lot of time before I go, but if anyone has some advice for me that would be awesome!!


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Welcome to allnurses! :balloons:

You don't "graduate with a license" -- licensure is an entirely separate process from school. If you're sure you're going to be moving to NC and aren't going to try to work in CA, you can take the NCLEX in CA but apply for initial licensure in NC. That would save you the expense of paying for both a CA and a NC license. All the info you need about "application by examination" is on the NC BON website.

"Fayette Nam" has two main hospitals, Cape Fear Valley and a VA hospital. You could start your job-hunting there, and work your way "out" from there if necessary:

NC has been proactive for years in making sure that we don't have a significant nursing shortage (also, this is a v. popular state for people, including nurses, to move to). However, there are areas of the state that have greater needs than other areas. I know that Cape Fear Valley seems to always be advertising for nurses in nursing publications in the state.

Best wishes for your remaining semester and graduation!


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I live in Fayetteville and the new grad pay is $20.20/hr I will be working nights so I have a shift diff of $4 nights and $3.50 wk.ends.As far as I know the VA is on a hiring freeze and not hiring any new grads.Womack army medical center on Ft.Bragg does not hire ANY new grads(you must have at least 1 yr expierence) and vets and army wives get priority.CapeFear has hired ALOT of new grads and has many floors to choose from.Im not sure how it goes right now since most of the hiring has been done,but there are still floors that def. need the help and have positions open.HighSmith Reiney is part of CapeFear and usually hires new grads with no prob(it is LTAC).The cost of living is increasing here and its getting crowded.We're expecting a lg. growth by 2011(approx.25,000 soldiers plus family members).I had no prob getting a job and the orientation has been good so far.Im sure you wouldnt have any problems finding a job at far as the other places it dosent hurt to apply, you may just get hired! If you have any other questions dont hesitate to ask(I know the rundown on neighborhoods,schools,etc. I grew up here).GoodLuck with school and happy job hunting!(BTW I was hired in March and just st. recently):)

Hi :)

Thank you so much for replying to me and so quickly! I think I will apply for the NC when i take my NCLEX. I liked the Cape Fear Hospital. I was looking into Womack because my sister-in-law had both her children there and it was so nice and the staff was excellent. I guess there will be an opening one day!!

But, for the new grad program at Cape Fear, does the pay rise throughout the year? Or is the salary based on the experience?

Thank you sooo much again for all your replies!


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I believe the pay increases with your raises which are based off of your yearly evaluations.I would contact a nursing recruiter(just call human resources) and one of them can send you an information packet about benefits and etc. They can also let you know which units are still hiring new grads.

Definitely start your new grad job search as early as possible in NC. The recession has definitely made an impact on the availability of new grad nursing jobs. There are many new grads in the Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham area who have not been able to find jobs and therefore have had to look in other parts of the state. I know of a few people that found jobs at Cape Fear who would have otherwise stayed in Charlotte. This information is not to scare you, but just so that you are informed. I am originally from CA and I tried to move back there as a new grad and I found that it was very tough. I thought the job market for new grads there would be much better there than in NC. Nevertheless, I urge you to cast a wide net and have a couple of other options in addition to Fayetteville in case that does not work out, and apply early. Good luck.

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