Moving to Massachussetts, 8 months experience


Hello all! :)

After working as an operating room RN for eight months in another state following graduation, I may be moving to the Cambridge/Boston area for my husband's schooling. So many questions, as neither of us have ever been to Massachusetts before!

What is the market like in that area? What are your opinions on the different hospitals? How is transportation to-and-from work? Will I have a tough time finding a job with less than a year's experience?

Thank you in advance!


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The job market is very competitive. If you don't mind commuting out of the city or working in sub-acute care then it may be a bit easier to find a job, but still expect the market to be fairly tight.

Boston is home to some of the best hospitals in the world as well as some of the most prestigious medical and nursing education in the country. It's a "cool" place to be involved in medicine/nursing but with that comes a saturated and competitive market.

If you live close to public transit and work in the city you won't have much of a problem. If you need to drive/commute than it's a hassle with traffic and parking.

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What BostonFNP said. The competition in this area is fierce and even in the outer suburbs etc the job market is tough. Do you have your BSN or are you enrolled? That will increase your chances of getting a job, as many hospitals in MA and NH are looking for BSN graduates!

Good luck!



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Same thing the others said.... However I do feel like you have an advantage if you plan on staying in the OR with the experience you have, in the Worcester area anyways, not sure about boston