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Moving/Lifting Patients


Hello, Las Vegas RNs! I recently read an article about moving/lifting patients. I have spoken to friends who are RNs in other states, but don't currently know any RNs in Nevada. Can anyone advise regarding whether Las Vegas area hospitals have "lift teams"? Or, are the RNs responsible for moving/lifting patients the majority of the time. Most of my RN friends in other states seem to indicate that it is a rare occurrence for RNs to be doing the actual patient moving/lifting. Either way, I have been doing strength training in order to prepare for this possibility. I am an older student, so I don't have the same strength as younger student nurses. I think this might be important to help me avoid injury to myself and/or patient. Thanks (in advance) for your input.


An Older Nursing Student

In Pa it seems to differ depending on the facility. I don't believe they have state wide policies regarding lifts/moving that I have ever heard


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I can only speak for the two hospitals I worked at when I lived in LV- and they did not have lift teams or ceiling lifts. Teamwork and proper body mechanics were essential for moving patients without getting hurt!

Thank you, MallysMama! That's exactly what I thought. I am so glad I've been working on strengthening my core and getting in better shape before I start the program! Even if they did have lift teams, it's good for my health. But, this gives me even more reason to stay committed to getting fit. I appreciate your help!


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No problem! Good luck to you!