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I'm moving in August (graduate from my Accelerated BSN program Aug 20th!!) and was hoping I could generate a bit of discussion about Vegas-area hospitals. I've visited the city to look at housing, etc and a general idea about hospitals but I'm still up in the air. I'm definitely going to apply w/a few different ones and I'm leaning toward a couple in particular (of course that depends on job offers).

I know that each experience is individual and opinions vary a LOT but do any of you have personal insight or experiences you'd be willing to share?

Thank you :)


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I just got my acceptance letter today for an ADN program. I haven't worked in any of our hospitals yet, but there are a couple of hospitals that I heard are the best ones to work for. St. Rose Dominican; they just moved their facility to a new and larger location, Spring Valley Hospital; they are brand new. We are going to have about 3 more new hospitals opening in the next four years including a new vetrans hospital. The pay here for RNs is pretty good. It starts between 20 to 25 dollars an hour.

As far as housing, I would suggest purchasing a home as soon as possible, because home prices are going crazy. My home has almost doubled in value in two years.

Vegas is a good place to live if you don't get caught up in the gambling and the 24 party life that it promotes. We also don't pay state income tax and the cost of living is still rather low. Hope this helps. :)


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For getting back to me so promptly! I'm actually looking forward to the no state income tax deal b/c I grew up in WY and we never had it there - nice perk. The hospital info does help and I'm glad I'm beginning to notice a pattern in what people say about the hospitals. I guess it just makes me feel like there's consistency in certain hospitals.

I actually doubt I'll buy a home there but only b/c it's not a very stable option for me right now. My husband and I looked in August and feel like we got a good handle on different areas and prices but he's in the Air Force and we aren't supposed to be around very long. In fact he goes overseas for 1yr (leaving July 6th) so when he comes home he's got orders to be stationed at Nellis, which is why I'm moving there, but there's a hitch in it. He's applied for an AF scholarship to an engineering program in another state and if he's accepted we have to be stationed there so he can go to school and be attached to that base. Unfortunately there are no AFROTC attachments at UNLV so staying in LV won't work if plans work in his favor. Either way I'd LOVE to buy b/c I know we wouldn't have trouble selling when I leave but we're trying to make this move as smooth as possible. Aaahhh the life of a military wife :)

I love it actually but stability isn't really a part of our vocabulary at this point...

Thanks so much for your reply and if you have any other insight or info to offer please feel free to post. As far as nightlife/gambling...I love the outdoors but I'm pretty mellow and don't enjoy gambling AT ALL - if I want to lose my money I'll blow it on clothes/shoes :chuckle


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any info on private schools, a good neighborhood, and/or hospital to work at would be great. :balloons:

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