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Moving to Houston area as a new grad


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I am graduating in May and planning to move to the Houston Area (Clear Lake) June 1. I'm looking to work in an ER. I've looked at Clear Lake Regional Medical Center, and my dream place is Memorial at the Texas Medical Center. Memorial has internship programs that they hire for in June and January, and say an "ideal" candidate would have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. My GPA is close to 3.0 but not quite so I'm unsure whether or not that would put me out of the running. I'm also wondering if it would be better for me to start out in a smaller hospital while I'm still learning as opposed to a bigger place like the Texas Medical Center. Any thoughts? If anyone has any experience or recommendations as what the best thing to do as a new grad moving into the area that would be great!




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Hi! I moved to Houston as a new grad because of the great hospitals in that area. The ER is a competitive field and many internships require a minimum 3.0 GPA, so I would recommend doing your best in school to get there. I strongly encourage you to get an internship at a large teaching hospital because they will provide the best experience for new grads and are usually better prepared to teach them. If you have a specific dream job in mind, I would advice applying as soon as they start accepting applications, go to any career fairs that you can to meet recruiters and managers face to face, and trying to contact the nurse managers to let them know you are very interested. Good luck in nursing school and applying to hospitals! PM me if you would like any extra information. :)

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