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Moving to Days annnnnnd I'm Terrified


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After a little over a year on evenings (3-11) I am making the transition to days (7-3). And I'm super nervous! I've worked the odd day shift here and there for extra, but now I'll be doing it 4 days a week. It's going to be a big transition- we don't deal with hospitalists/attendings, teams, case management, or our managers much on evenings. Our day shift nurses are notorious at my hospital for having big personalities. They've all been helpful as I gained experienced, and are relatively nice, but who knows what it'll be like after working with them all the time!

Anyone ever switched to days, and have any advice?


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Answering your last question, yes. It was one of the biggest changes I've made as far as rearranging my time management skills. I also worked 3-11, and usually with that shift your 1700 and 2100 medpass are your biggest. Well, with 7-3, you have to get your assessments done by your 0900 meds, and make time for the MDs/residents who like to come in anytime between 0700-1100... Oh, and if you get d/c orders before then, then you gotta factor that in as well.

Not trying to scare you; just want to have you prepared for what to expect; because I kinda had to just jump into it. My best advice is to know your pt. as much as possible, as early as possible. Know what tests have to be done that morning; see if they were prepped prior to change of shift (if needed). Get the bulk of your assessments into the computer early, so that you can spread yourself better throughout the shift. You'll be busy, but your shift will be over in the blink of an eye.

Good luck :-)!

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On the social side... I went from nights to days and for awhile I got treated like I was the new guy again... I think I wrote a post about it a long time ago, nurses that I had given report to in the past and seemed friendly enough with were standoffish and would do stuff like stop talking as soon as I came in the med room, etc. Basically I chalk it up to being too sensitive on my part. Just be aware that you might get that kind of treatment, especially if there are already "big personalities" on the floor.

As far as work goes - yes it is more intense - orders come flying in, gotta get that assessment and med pass and charting done before everyone starts getting discharged and all the new orders come in. You'll get used to it I think! Just busy, is all. The best part is it goes by quickly :)

I did the exact switch 3-11 to the day shift med/surg with telemetry. It was an adjustment, but I liked it. The first part of the shift is crazy because of med. passing etc. kind of like the 8p.m. med pass is the busy time. Also there are so many doctors, case management, PT, wanting at your patients but usually less family members. I liked that I was able to actually talk to the other team members about our patients it felt more like a team. No on call doctors who don't know the patient made my life easier too. I also had some strong personalities on the day shift which intimidated me, but I knew that prior to the switch. I prepared myself for that so I just tried to be a team member and stayed out of their way. Smiled a lot and just really kept to myself. I liked having my evenings back with my family. Evening shift nurses have more patients (or at least we did), so it was a great change and I never blinked when we were under staffed and had to take on 6 during the day as opposed to 5 or 4 because of my 3-11 experience. Also day shift was nice if you did have demanding family come you can get the doctor for them, get case management, get their questioned answered. Those were the good old days because now our day shift has 6 patients too, but I am at another hospital where they have 12 hour shifts. I had a hard time getting up so early but I always the night before had everything laid out even untying my shoes, car keys ready, lunch ready, etc. lol! just to get a couple extra minutes to sleep. I am sure once you make the adjustment you will love it!! Some of the strong personalities did question my abilities in that they never worked with me, so there is a little bit of "proving" yourself in the beginning that you might have to deal with. I can't really say they questioned my abilities but I was a fairly "new" nurse among seasoned nurses, so it was just an adjustment. I also had some PCT's/Nursing Assistants who would challenge me but they learned quickly that I was all about the patient and a team player. I am not too good to wipe a butt or wash up a patient myself. Good luck to you!!