Moving to Cleveland..Akron Area this summer


Hi all,

My husband is taking a job in northern OH. We are looking to settle in the Cleveland/Akron area. Currently I work in upstate NY. I have 2 years experience with an associates RN degree. I have CTS/pulmonary/vascular, Tele, and ICU experience. I am hoping someone has some helpful suggestions for me. My husbands job will be traveling in the northern OH region, so we are not limited on location. Here are my questions:

What would be the best hospitals to work for, i.e., Salary, Nurse:Patient ratios, education reimbursement (I plan on obtaining my MSN).

Any suggestions on any family friendly areas? (We have 4 kids)

I am willing to commute 35mins. I appreciate any advice! Thank you.

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Both Cleveland and Akron have some nice suburbs. If your looking to move to Akron your looking at 45-50 min if you work in Cleveland, but then again it's mostly highway. Summa General (I think thats what it is called?) isn't a terrible hospital in Akron. The big three are in Cleveland: UH, Cleveland Clinic, and Metro. There is also a VA hospital in Cleveland. In terms of work, most of the hospitals want a BSN. I work at UH and I know they will still take ADN's with experience as long as they will get their BSN's within a timeframe. All the hospitals I know of in Cleveland offer tuition reimbursement.

Both the east and west sides of Cleveland have nice suburbs. I was just in Northwest Akron this past weekend and that is a nice area as well.


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Cleveland Clinic has a better tuition reimbursement than UH. I'm not sure about Metro. Moving from upstate NY you are probably going to be making less here in OH. RN's at both Cleveland Clinic and UH start off at about $ 24-26 with the amount of experience you have. I work for CC and had a job offer which I declined at UH. As far as nice areas, there are plenty of nice areas around. Good luck with your search.


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Do you want public/private/parochial schools for your kids? Are community rec centers important? Do you want to be in a racially/ethnically diverse area? Is the walkability score of a neighborhood important to you? Here in NEO, we don't tend to have as much traffic, so 35 minutes out leaves lots of options open. Is living near a major highway or airport (CLE or CAK) important to you due to your husband's travel for work? What do you want to get your MSN in?

All of these are things to consider when planning your move.


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Akron has two major hospital systems, Akron General and summa health systems. Both have several 'branch' hospitals. Both hospitals strongly prefer BSN. Akron is smaller than Cleveland . If you move into Akron and not a suburb you may want to look at private schools. Akron public schools are not good. We have a great metro park system. A lot of people live in the Akron area and commute to Cleveland. PM me if you have any other questions about Akron area.