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I am currently a nursing student in Florida.. when I graduate in June I am planning on moving to California! Any advise on licensing problems or any suggestions on great hospitals to work for? thanks!


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Congratulaions on getting closer to graduation! California is a big state so it would be helpful for those of us answering your question to know what part of California you hope to move to. Secondly, do you want to work in a community or teaching hospital?

In regards to licensing issues, I am not very knowledgable in that arena but I will suggest you check out the NCLEX thread, or run a search. There have been plenty of posts on new grads moving to Cali, so I doubt you should have trouble finding an answer.

Good luck


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CA does not permit you to start the licensing process until you have a completed set of transcripts if you did not attend school here.

It may be faster for you to get licensed in your current state and then just endorse afterwards, that can be done in a day if you go to the BRN office in Sacramento.

It is always better to get your exam done and passed before moving, easier to get a job that way as well. As well as being much less stressful.

As far as hospitals, it depends on the specialty in which you wish to work, as well as the type of facility as mentioned above. Near the beach, or more in the center of town, big or small. etc.

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