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I'm a nurse working in London and in the next few years I want to move to another counrty... I have narrowed this down to USA or Australia. I was wondering if there are any nurse out there who have worked in either of these counteries or both who could give me some advise on visa processes, pay, quality of life etc. I am a RN and Midwife. I look forward to hearing from some of you


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One thing to be aware of is that US nurses are generalist trained. Meaning that is school they had theory and clinical hours in adult, peds, OB/GYN and mental health nursing.You will need to meet the same requirements for a US license.

Silverdragon will be along. She will be able to answer your questions the best.

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Each country has their own RN requirements and for US and Canada general training is required (as mentioned in post above :) ) Also the US is and has been under retrogression for several years and there is a wait of 4 plus years which may increase depending on where you was born. There lies the problem as many employers are not willing to wait that long and with many nurses in the US struggling for work makes it even harder to find a employer willing to go through the hoops to hire an International trained nurse requiring sponsorship. Australia may be a bit easier to get into as AHPRA appears to be accepting UK trained nurses

I would suggest checking out our World section especially the Nurse Registration forum, Immigration forum and probably the Australian forum. Just look at World in the yellow tool bar above