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Mouth checks following meds


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Where would I find a good site with the step by step procedures (and possibly pictures) of a complete mouth check, with pen-light and tongue depressor, that can be posted in our med room? I am the Manager for the Forensic Psych dept at a local hospital, and there has been an on going issue with pills being found in the hallway outside the med room. The unit doctor wants all nurses to do a complete mouth check on every patient following meds. Thanks in advance!

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On the acute psych unit where I work there's always an aide with us to assist with mouth checks after giving meds. I too would be interested in reading about best practices to assure meds are swallowed.

Meriwhen, ASN, BSN, RN

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I'd also be intersted in seeing if anyone can find something (I'll try later on today).

Also, your facility may want to consider switching some meds to liquid PO forms or "melts" like Zyprexa Zydis that dissolve on the tongue.