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I don't care how ignorant this sounds but a residents bm smelled so incredibly undescribably bad that I had no choice but to mouth breath and now my throat is sore, its hours later, i'm at home (I've showered scrubbed brushed rinsed) and my throat hurts AND I still feel like I can kind of 'taste' the toxic smell of this guys ****!

UGH! Why am I doing this for $11/hr???!!?!!? :barf01:

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Only you can answer the question as to why you still do it.

Maybe the fact that the other jobs in the pay range that are available have something about asking for fries with that?

Or maybe the fact that jobs in the 18 USD to 25+ USD range require trade school or years of college (with still no guarantee)?

Maybe some kind of "feel good" holistic reason like you "like to help people"?

Or maybe it is the comfortable scrubs and working in air conditioning.

I often wonder if there is a better way, too. Who doesn't? I had to take a break form it.

However, if it helps - I would rather deal with the brown from a resident than deal with the brown that comes from bad attitudes from some managers, families, and co-workers. If you find your brown coming from too many different sources, you may wish for a place with less sources of brown.

haha! Yes, I know there are many reasons WHY I do it and you recognized some of them :D

I may have just been super crabby at the time of post because I was coming down with this outrageous icky cold but I don't have to work tonight and as long as I don't have to talk to anyone today, I'm in a pretty good mood.

There are so many perks to being a CNA, especially the residents I work with and when you give them the care and respect they deserve they are genuinely grateful and that makes my day!!!!!

Thank you!

Here is a little tip: Keep a small tub of Mentholatum with you or in your locker & when you know you have BM (or any other smelly bodily fluids) to clean up just rub some under your nose. It should help mask the smell thus, eliminating the need to breath through your mouth.

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Was the guy ill? After awhile, when you know what c-diff smells and looks like, you can usually tell when they have it.

C-diff has that distinct smell and yes, you can tell when someone has it as the previous poster stated. Of course that smell needs to be reported to a nurse immediately in case if nobody knew.

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