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Mountain Vista Hospital

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by DaughteroftheKing DaughteroftheKing (Member)

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I was just wondering if anyone had heard about Mountain Vista Medical Center in Mesa AZ and if they are hiring?..

I am a new CNA & looking for a job at a hospital, & that one is right by my house.. But honestly I would work at any hospital in the valley area..

Do any of you know of any hospitals in the valley area that are hiring CNA's?

Also, do you know what they start new CNA's at? A girl in my CNA class (getting re certified) said she and two other girls started at a banner hospital at $14. Though that sounds high, that would be awesome if it was true..

Thanks for any advice :)

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hmmm I am doing a tuition reimbursement program with IASIS and the hospital i chose was mountain vista. I was told the start pay would be comparable to other hospitals in the area, whatever that is:confused:. The tuition reimbursement is my entire RN program paid in exchange for 3 years of service.

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IASIS isn't one of the most respected healthcare companies in the valley. But Mountain Vista is their newest hospital, over in the far east valley. It's too new to have really heard much about it. I have a friend that is going to have her baby over there though, and she seems happy so far with them.

I have no information as far as CNA positions though. Check out their website http://www.iasishealthcare.com/hospitals/az_mvmc.htm and try to get in contact with someone in HR. Good luck to you!

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