Motlow State vs. Aquinas College..advice


Not sure how many are familiar with these 2 schools, but I was accepted to both. Both are about equal distance from home and from what I can tell, both are very good programs. They have a both the same pass rates on the NCLEX. I had pretty much had my mind made up to go to Aquinas because I didn't think I would get into Motlow. Does one have a better reputation with Hospitals around Nashville? The major difference is that I will come out of Motlow not owing a dime. At Aquinas I will need about 25K in student loans.

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Have you tried checking out the nursing program discussion forum that is in the state forum?


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I have never heard of Motlow. I am in nursing school in NVL (neither one of the schools you've mentioned) and have heard great things about Aquinas. I worked with a nurse at a NVL hospital during my first clinical rotation who was an Aquinas grad; she was the best nurse I encountered during that rotation.

Motlow State Community College. The main campus is in Lynchburg. I will be attending the Smyrna Campus.


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I vote Aquinas, but I am biased. I am finishing my 2nd semester as we speak. I feel I have gotten a really good education so far, especially clinically. I have worked in clinicals with a lot of nurses who are Aquinas graduates.

I have decided on Motlow. Coming out not owing any money compared to 25K is a big difference.