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Motlow State Community College

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Does anyone know anything about MOtlow's nursing program? Is it hard to get into? Any other two year ASN programs in middle tennessee area? Me and my family are moving back there this summer.

Hey Erolen: I am currently enrolled at Motlow amd will begin my prereqs. Jan 18. It was not difficult enrolling and after meeting a few of the Nursing Instructor staff, I believe it will be a wonderful exp. getting my RN AAS thru Motlow. I am a 52 yr. old mother of 10 (2 left at home) Grandmother of 6. I think you should check out Motlow's RN program if that's a consideration. Just call their admissions office and tell them what you want to do and they will take care of everything and help you get started. After admissions you will meet w/ the Nursing Instuctor staff member who will then give you the required courses aside from any developmental or prereq's you may need to take before actually entering their RN program.

Hope this helps somewhat.



Jo Dirt

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I was accepted into Motlow's nursing program, but after some consideration I realized that a two hour drive each way was not practical for me. I know several people who have graduated from Motlow and who are currently enrolled. It's a decent school as far as I know.


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Pre-Reqs to Motlow's RN program are: Anatomy & Physiology I & II.

You will also need to take the ACT, NET or HOBET(Not sure what they use anymore).

I received my RN from Motlow and carried out my BSN with MTSU.

I am currently attending Vanderbilt for A.C.N.P.; alot of people

at VUSN received their entry level nursing degrees from Motlow.

I am also a LifeFlight RN/Paramedic; and almost 40% of us on the team

went to Motlow then MTSU.

Motlow is a great place to receive your RN.

I just graduated from Motlow this May. It is a wonderful program - very intense, but wonderful. I would recommend going for the Motlow program to anyone who is SERIOUS and willing to dedicate two years of their life to it. The instructors are very helpful and kind and your class becomes a family rather quickly. I loved Motlow and will really miss being there everyday, but glad to be out also.

I love you! I'm just starting my sophomore year and came back home to McMinnville to finish my prereqs at Motlow and hopefully get into the program next fall. I work at NHC right now as a nurse aide and love it but on down the road I have thought about becoming a flight nurse! I'm 5'1 and about 105 pounds and have had a lot of people tell me I'd be perfect for it. I will have to keep you in touch! haha. do you know if there is any opportunities to job shadow?

is the RN program offered evenings at Motlow? Do you know of any other nursing evening programs?

I am a nursing student at Motlow and I love it there. The faculty is incredibly helpful and encouraging. You can take your prerequisites and gen-ed courses online and at night. The core courses and clinicals are all in-class and are usually in the mornings and afternoons. TSU and several other schools offer full Nursing degrees online but I'm not sure how good they are.

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