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I am a nursing student with a young child, I want to find the best field of nursing with the most convenient hours for me. Any suggestions?

Mandy I'm an RN with 3 children and have found the hours flexible where ever I have worked. When I worked at the hosp. I worked 7p-11p so other nurses could work 12 hr shifts and my husband could watch the kids. Now I am a home health nurse and until recently did pay per visits at my convenience, now that all my kids are in school I work 8-2 doing telemed and quality control. I have also worked many weekends and holidays trying to help the full time nurses whenever I can. Hope this helps, where there is a will theres a way!

Hi Mandy

I have a toddler. When first returning to work, I worked in a nursing home as thay were so flexible with the shifts.I worked 8am until 8 pm three days a week. Initially working every weekend so that my husband could stay with the babe and so she only had to stay with a child minder for one day per week. Also this worked out cheaper in fees. It was hard for my husband and me, so I worked less weekends after six months.

I have now just started a new job in rheumatology, which is also 12 hour shifts. It seems more managers are are family friendly now, thank god.

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I am a nursing student with a young child, I want to find the best field of nursing with the most convenient hours for me. Any suggestions?

Doctor's office or some type of clinic. Home health gets very demanding with call hours and weekends ( I quit when I was having to cover 5 counties every other weekend and they started wanting all those 14 page admission assessments and 7 page hospital assessments in by 5pm - this would have meant 16 hour days with no days off during the week - and still no OT? Yeah, right) - Hospitals tend to expect you to be able to drop everything and come whenever they call you (no,you don't HAVE to but they can make your life difficult when you refuse). Even a small low-security prison with a day clinic would be good. Find something that's not open 24/7 - that would be your best bet.

Good luck!


I am a nursing student getting rady to graduate in 1 week. Yeahhhhhhhhh!!! okay now my most important job is being a mom of 3 and I think there are so many flexible schedules that you need to decide what time of day and when do you want to be home. Then work a schedule around that. Personally, I love Critical Care. So i know at first I am going to be working full time 3days a week in a 12 hour position. I will probably have to do that for a year, but right now with the nursing shortage their are so many oppurtunities for flexibility. They have already told me that they allow people to share jobs or cut back to 5 days in 2 weeks instead of 6. I would check out the hospitals in your area and research before taking a job.

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