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I am very interested in learning how other ob units with ldrp rooms function. do you have nurses that do l&d, pp, nursery? Or does everyone do everything?What are the specific roles of various nurses? Such as if nursery nurse does she do assesments on baby or does the mother baby nurse? Who attends deliveries and where and who does admission on baby? What happens to staff when a c/s? how many couplets can a nurse take? Thanks for all info!!

Well let's begin. We have 10 ldrp rooms at our hosppital. We do 850-900 deliveries per year. Staffing is 1 mom/baby RN, 1 nursery RN ( we have a level II nursery) this nurse if there are no babies in nursery( because all babies room in with the mom unless they are sick)helps mother baby or DR nurse. 1 DR nurse, 1 scrub nurse RN or LPN ( who helps the DR nurse and 1 nurses aide sometimes. We all work together. On daylight shift you have a charge nurse who also functions as staff where needed . We keep pretty busy and all are cross trained to function in all areas . We also have to Operating rooms on our floor and that is where we do our C-sections and post-partum tubal ligations. (some days we wish we didn't do PPTL on the floor when it is busy)

Soome days are pretty hairy but we get through it. All in all patients are very satisfied. Sometimes we get full and oour peds. dept is adjacent to us they absorb post-partum overflow.Siince we are so close to them if any questions we help them.

Well I hope this helps. E-mail me if you would like any other particulars.

We have 19 LDRP rooms and 3 observation rooms. Although all RN's are supposed to be crosstrained to do everything, there are some who aren't, which makes it more difficult for others!! We have between 1500-2000 deliveries a year, so when our unit is full, we transfer our pts to peds(but it can only be moms, no couplets). At this point in time, surgery sends up a crew to do our C/S, because we simply don't have the staff to do them ourselves. But, when it's a stat C/S, we do as much as we can to get things started. There is still a sense of labor nurse, nursery nurse, PP nurse, despite the fact that most of us are LDRP nurses! So, sometimes there's conflict. But, anywhere you work you get that, I guess! smile.gif Usually it's the delivery nurse who admits the baby and recovers mom, but if it's not crazy and another nurse can attend the delivery with you, the crew I work with is really good about getting the baby admitted as much as possible. Hope the info helped! smile.gif

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